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Essential Python Features and How to Utilize Them

There is a need for a straightforward programming language that is simple to learn yet can nevertheless support quick revision cycles and efficient development. All of these criteria are met by the language Python. Among the most popular programming languages in 2020, according to the TIOBE Programming Community Index, is Python. Emerging industries like AI, data mining, and numerical computing saw a rise in the use of Python. FITA Academy is the best place to get Python Training In Chennai with live projects and placement guidance.

Characteristics and Benefits of Python

Some of the Python features that are covered below include the following:

Easy to Code

Python is a relatively advanced programming language, yet learning it can be challenging. Anyone can learn to code with Python in a few hours or days. It could take some time to fully understand all of Python’s sophisticated concepts, packages, and modules. Nonetheless, understanding the fundamentals of Python syntax is fairly simple compared to other well-known languages like C, C++, and Java.

Easy to Read

Simple English terms appear in Python programming. No parentheses or semicolons are used, and indents identify a block of code. Looking at the code will reveal what you need to accomplish.

Free and Open-Source

Python is created under an open source licence that has been accepted by OSI. So, it can be used for anything at all, including for profit. Python is free to download and include into your application. It is open for modification and distribution. 


A programming language’s source code is processed line by line rather than all at once when it is being interpreted. C++ and Java are two examples of programming languages that cannot be run directly from source code; they must first be compiled. Python does not require compilation because the interpreter processes it at runtime. Enrol in FITA Academy to get in-depth knowledge through the Python Online Course with the support of certified experts in Python programming language.


The same code can be used on several machines, making Python portable. Take the example of creating some Python code on a Mac. You don’t need to edit it in any way to run it later on Windows or Linux. Consequently, it is not necessary to build software more than once for different platforms. 

Object-Oriented and Procedure-Oriented

That language is considered object-oriented if data and objects are prioritised over functions and logic in a programming language’s design. A programming language is procedural, though, if it emphasises operations more than anything else (reusable code).


If a programming language can be expanded to other languages, it is said to be extensible. Moreover, Python code can be written in other languages like the very versatile C++.


Python simply needs a few lines to complete complicated tasks. This might require several lines to perform in languages like Java or C.

Support for GUI

Any programming language must offer GUIs, or Graphical User Interfaces, as one of its primary characteristics. The GUI makes it simple for a user to engage with the software. Python offers a number of toolkits, including Tkinter, wxPython, and JPython, that make it simple and quick to construct a graphical user interface. Experts in Python programming language provide the best Python Training In Coimbatore with great practical sessions on live projects.