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Top React JS Features and Benefits for Web Development (1)

React JS is a well-known JavaScript library for developing mobile and web applications. React is a collection of reusable JavaScript code for creating User Interfaces (UI).

This blog will go through the features of React JS and why we use React JS for web development in detail. To learn more about React JS, Join React JS Training in Chennai with Certification and Placement support for your career enhancement.

React JS Feature

React JS has a few features that distinguish it from other JavaScript libraries. In the following sections, these features will be introduced, along with an explanation of how they contribute to the development of mobile and web applications.

Virtual DOM

The original DOM object is represented by a virtual DOM object. It functions similarly to a one-way data binding. When the web application is modified, the entire UI is duplicated in virtual DOM representation. Then it compares the previous DOM representation to the new DOM representation. After that, the real DOM will only update the elements that have actually changed. This speeds up the application and eliminates memory waste.

JavaScript XML or JSX

It is a markup language that discusses how the app’s interface should look. It generates HTML syntax that is useful for developers to create React JS components.

JSX is one of the best features in React JS, which makes it extremely simple for developers to create web applications.

Components Support for Developer

In React JS, Every application you create in React will be made up of components. Components make it much easier to create user interfaces. UI are broken down into multiple individual components and work on them independently before combining them with your final UI.

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Benefits for Web Development

Some of the benefits of web development are as follows,

  • Performance

React.js makes use of JSX, which is faster than JavaScript and HTML. Virtual DOM is a faster way to update the content for a webpage.

  • Converting a React.js Web App to a Mobile App is easier

React Native, it has a cross-platform mobile application development framework, enables you to create mobile apps using the same code structure as you have in a web app. Both applications will work on both Android and iOS devices.

  • It provides a useful developer tool

This benefit of React JS, Provide a useful developer toolset. You will be able to make your React JS development journey more enjoyable and easier with the help of this toolset.


I hope this blog has helped you in gathering information about React JS, its Top React JS features and benefits for web development. Join React JS Course in Chennai to learn the intricacies of React JS, which will help you to develop your career by providing certification training with real-time projects.