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What are the technical skills needed to become a Software Tester?

Software testing is the process of evaluating and validating that a software product or application accomplishes what it is designed to do. The advantages of testing include bug prevention, reduced expenses for growth, and improved performance. In this blog, we will discuss the what are the technical skills needed to become a software tester. If you are interested in learning software testing, you can join Software Testing Course In Pondicherry at FITA Academy, which will help you understand manual testing, automation testing and many other core concepts of software testing.

Programming Skills

A Software Tester should know at least one programming language to write test scripts. The most generally used programming languages for software testing are Ruby, Python, Java, and C# since many testing tools worldwide extensively support them.

Front-end Skills

A Tester must be familiar with web-based applications and browsers. As a result, the professional must be conversant with front-end languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. This helps in understanding the meaning of web elements and locators. Register with Software Testing Course In Madurai to learn more about Software Testing.

Database Skills

A Software Tester should be familiar with the fundamentals of various types of databases. A Tester must verify, insert, delete, and update test data from the SQL database to test the apps’ backend. As a result, SQL commands, as well as database tables, indexes, and keys, must be learned. A Tester must also understand how to connect to a database using various SQL connection clients.

API Skills

API servers provide a go-between for the user interface and the database. A Software Tester must test an API that serves as a communication layer for data exchange between software. In this case, the professional must utilize software to send API calls, which necessitates understanding must use software to send API calls in this case, which requires an understanding of REST and SOAP APIs. Software Testing Course In Hyderabad, which will teach you about Software Development/Test Life Cycle and other testing methodologies.

Testing Tool Skills

To enter the world of Software Testing, professionals must also have hands-on experience with various testing tools, which many companies use to perform functional and non-functional testing. Selenium, Robotium, TestComplete, Kobiton, and other popular testing tools are listed here. These tools can be used to perform browser testing, desktop testing, API testing, and many other tasks.

Version Control System

A version control system is essential for tracking, monitoring, and collaborating with other team members in the organization. It helps to review modifications and manage processes with thorough reports. As a result, a Software Tester should be able to access and work with version control systems such as Git, SVN, and others. Join FITA Academy‘s Best Software Testing Training Institute In Coimbatore will prepare trainees to manage various aspects of the testing process.

UNIX/Bash Commands

To move between files as a Software Tester, one must first master basic UNIX/Bash commands. It also helps work with UNIX-based operating systems, as most applications run on them. It enables a Tester to push and pull code from the GitHub repository using UNIX commands.


So far, we have discussed the what are the technical skills needed to become a software tester. Testing is the process of determining whether or not a system or its component(s) satisfies the given requirements. Simply put, testing is running a method to find gaps, flaws, or missing needs inconsistent with the actual provisions. Software Testing Courses In Trivandrum will provide suitable training and knowledge for the test process improvement and its types.