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collections in java

Java is an object-oriented programming language built on classes with a focus on reducing implementation dependencies. A compiled general-purpose programming language that allows programmers to write once and run anywhere. Java code can run on any platform that supports Java. Java programmes are converted into byte code that may be executed on any Java Virtual Machine. Java’s syntax is similar to that of C/C++.

The collection of the items refers to any group of individual objects that are represented as a single unit. In JDK 1.2, a new framework called “Collection Framework” was established, which contains all of the collection classes and interfaces. Java Training in Chennai will develop your programming skills in Java.

The two basic “root” interfaces of Java collection classes are the Collection (java.util.Collection) and Map (java.util.Map).

What is a Framework?

A framework is a collection of classes and interfaces that come with a pre-built architecture. There is no need to define a framework in order to add a new feature or class. An ideal object-oriented design, on the other hand, always includes a framework with a collection of classes that all do the same activity.

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Advantages of the Collection Framework: Since the lack of a collection framework resulted in the problems listed above, the following are the collection framework’s advantages.

Consistent API: The API provides a fundamental set of interfaces like Collection, Set, List, or Map, and all the classes that implement these interfaces (ArrayList, LinkedList, Vector, and so on) share a common set of functions.

Reduces Programming Effort: Instead of worrying about the Collection’s design, a programmer may concentrate on its optimum usage in his programme. As a result, the fundamental principle of Object-oriented programming (i.e. abstraction) has been applied successfully.

Increases program speed and quality:  Increases programme speed and quality by offering high-performance implementations of useful data structures and algorithms, as the programmer does not have to worry about the optimum implementation of a certain data structure in this scenario. He can simply use the best implementation to significantly improve the performance of his algorithm or programme.


So far we discussed about what is collection framework in java and advantages of the Collection Framework. To know more about collection hierarchy in java and Why Java is Popular? Join Java Training in Coimbatore.


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