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Steel in residential construction

Design freedom with strength:

Steel gives architects more freedom in design, colour, shape and texture. It has a combination of strength and durability that gives architects ideas to explore new things. It has a capacity to bend to a certain radius and makes it easy for creating segmented curves. It can also have free form combinations for facades or domes that set it apart from others. It matches the exact specifications for factory-finished products at highly controlled conditions. Steel is more predictable and eliminates the risk of variability in the on-site. Advanced design and analysis techniques allow the steel suppliers to have a reduction in the amount of fire protection involved. 

Efficient and highly resourceful:

Steel is efficient in all seasons and can be assembled much quickly. Its components are manufactured with minimal labour. The whole frame is erected within a few days which results in the reduction n the construction time. As steel allows less point of contact with the earth, it reduces the amount of excavation required. They are lightweight than other framing materials. All these lead to economic benefits in all projects and considerably reduce site management costs and give an earlier return on investment. 

Accessible and adaptable:

Building functions can change drastically these days. People want to make changes to increase floor loads and reposition walls to create new interiors. Steel is highly beneficial for such changes. Steel structures and systems help with easy access to all the alterations to networking cables, electrical wiring systems and communications. The thorough testing of MS chequered plate and other complete steel structures have provided a thorough understanding of how steel responds to fire. 

Less column and more open space:

Steel provides a cost-effective method that extends to long distances. Minimizing the columns it is easier to customize spaces. Steel buildings are adaptable to greater alterations and extend over a lifetime. 


When the steel frame is demolished, its components can be reused, and meltdown and repurposed. It can be recycled endlessly without having to lose its properties. Today’s new steel is made from already recycled steel. 

Fire and earthquake resistance

Earthquakes are unpredictable in terms of frequency, magnitude and location. Steel is a suitable choice for design owing to its ductility and flexibility. MS plate price in Chennai is given in the industry according to the company standards. It has reduced damage in case of fire accidents. 

These are the advantages of steel in residential constructions. 

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