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What is Big Data? 

Nowadays, Big Data is the same as Hadoop. Hadoop is an open-source tool for data management which is used to control the high amounts of data and evaluation so that the knowledge accumulated can be used to determine wisely and measured. Hadoop provides a quick and simple way of managing and interpreting fragmented information so that managers can gain useful insights for improved productivity and business growth. The best way to benefit enormously from this software is to get a Hadoop certification and optimizing the company’s benefits. KickStart your career in FITA through our Big Data Training in Chennai. With major companies adopting Hadoop, there are a lot of job openings for candidates with Hadoop skills.

 Job Opportunities after Big Data Training

To increase your job opportunities, it is important to have a Hadoop Training from an authorized training institute.

Once you complete the Hadoop Training you will get a Hadoop Certification, and with that, you may move to positions like  Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Architect, Hadoop Administrator, Hadoop Analyst depending on the Hadoop Certification taken by the students and the skills sets acquired in their fields.

  1. Hadoop administrators are system administrators who have to understand MapReduce, a novel programming algorithm for data processing, database management, Apache, Java, and Linux.
  2. Hadoop developers will know how to create Big Data Hadoop solutions in SQL and Core Java.
  3. Finally, Hadoop Architects become experts in Java, MapReduce, Hbase, Pig, and Hive.
  4. Data analysis software solutions such as R, SAS, SPSS, etc must be understood by Hadoop Analysts.

Industrial Applications of Hadoop

Retail industry: 

Hadoop can connect better with consumers and anticipate their buying patterns and expectations.

Finance and Banking: 

Hadoop instruments are used to identify the solutions to improve efficiency and easy out the workloads.


Hadoop can control the data by using an efficient device that can store the data from different sources and streamline various processes from the stock instrument and manage the processes.


It involves the enormous amount of data about the patient records, financial data, and clinical also the medical history to name some.


The sports industry uses Big Data for player auctions, health, and fitness control of players and game summary.

In addition to these fields of business, the following domains also allow Big Data Hadoop Certification to gain the advantage of big data analysis from Hadoop. Real estate, Power, Services and many others who would like to gain a deeper understanding and change the way business is done. Enroll build with your future career of Big Data Hadoop Training in Bangalore.

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