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Spoken English Classes in Chennai

Everyone learning a foreign language should start by increasing their vocabulary. No matter your grammar proficiency, you can only function with linguistic knowledge. You can only learn to explain yourself clearly and concisely in this way. If you want to learn new words in English, joining Spoken English Classes in Chennai offered by FITA Academy, can help you improve your English speaking skills and develop your communication. In this blog, we will explore the tips for learning new words in English.

Tips for Learning New Words

Positive Associations

The brain finds it simpler to recall information pertaining to enjoyable areas of life or a specific person’s interests. Therefore, learning the terms associated with a subject that is important to you makes sense. Use a new word as soon as possible in an engaging situation to foster a favourable association. 

Read More

Learning new English words every day is simple and effective when done through reading. This approach is still relevant today. Why does it function? You can see everything in context and learn entire sentences by reading books. This indicates that you are familiar with the word’s usage and can use it effectively when speaking with a native speaker. 

Use Etymology

Define the root of a specific word and instantly remember all the lexis with the same morph. There are far more one-root structures than you may think. The roots of adjectives, verbs, and other parts of speech can all be used as nouns. You can quickly learn five words instead of one this way.

Writing Helps

Writing new words will be helpful if you have the best visual memory. Stickers, notepads, and smartphones all work well for taking notes. The employment of stickers is one of the best strategies. You can learn the names of objects in a foreign language by watching them. Please put your name on a sticker and place it on everything. As a result, you will unknowingly pick up new information over time. Join Best Spoken English Courses Online, where you can improve your language skills to become a fluent speaker


Many games available nowadays make it simple and enjoyable to learn new English words every day. Examples are online tests, missions, or traditional board games like Scrabble. There is a game out there for everyone. Do you want to play table games or use gadgets? Learn to spell backwards. 

Hear Your Inner Voice

Internal processes are involved in memory work. Your inner voice might be your greatest ally. How does it work? When you first hear a new word, repeat it to yourself several times before saying it aloud. Make a recording of your speech and listen to it later. Is the new word on the record related to what you’re thinking? If you’re not satisfied with the results, work on your pronunciation. 

After reading this blog, you will know the tips for learning new words in English. You must increase your vocabulary if you want to express yourself clearly . If you want to improve your way of speaking in English, join Spoken English Classes Bangalore to enhance your communication in English.

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