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What Are The Benefits Of Using Kotlin Over Java?

One of the most heated debates in recent years has been between Kotlin and Java.

Since the release of Kotlin in February 2016, programmers have been divided over which language to use for Android development.

Java has existed for a long time. It is used by millions of programmers worldwide, although it has a few minor flaws. Then Google introduced a new language designed exclusively for Android that is touted to be superior to Java.

Google included Kotlin as a ‘first class’ language for Android development last year, joining existing support for Java and C++. The findings of GitHub show the impact of Google’s choice to adopt Kotlin.


Kotlin has more understandable and accurate code than Java, making it easier to understand the programme. A Java developer can quickly learn how to write Kotlin after a short learning curve. To know more about readability, join Kotlin Online Course.


Null pointer exceptions, popularly known as “the billion-dollar mistake,” are among the most prevalent problems that cause Java projects to break.

By default, Kotlin is null-safe. It does not allow variables to be allocated null values. However, in Java, we can give null values to variables, which may result in a null pointer exception, which may cause the application to crash.

3)Using Getter And Setter

In Java, we must utilise getter and setter procedures to retrieve data from variables in modal classes. Model classes are only used to hold data. We can use getters and setters to access data from model classes.

We only need some of those getter and setter functions in Kotlin. We may get all of the data by using the variable name.


The Kotlin programming language is interoperable. This means that Java and Kotlin are close enough that we can utilise Java commands and Java libraries in a Kotlin project.

Because most programmers still use Java, Kotlin has been designed to be compatible. It is compatible with current Java classes and will not cause any issues. The compiler will ensure that the code, including the Java and Kotlin classes, runs well.


An immutable object has a state that cannot be changed or transformed after it is created.

In Kotlin, variables are defined using val or var to help developers quickly understand which values can be reassigned.

Using value in our code makes it incredibly tidy, and we can confidently trust that the properties will never be altered or become null. The advantage is that it lets you concentrate on the project.


This blog will inform you about the benefits of using kotlin over Java. To know more about the kotlin, join Kotlin Android Developer Training In Chennai at FITA Academy. Thus the benefits of using kotlin over Java are readable, null-safe, using getter and setter and immutability.