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What are the Benefits of VMware?What are the Benefits of VMware?

VMware (Virtual Machine)is a virtualization and Cloud Computing software. It enables businesses to run multiple application and operating system workloads on a single server and improve resource management. 

VMware software assists us in various domains, such as security, storage, networking, and many others. VMware provides us with different products that can use for multiple purposes. In this section, we will look at What are the Benefits of VMware. To learn more about VMware, join VMware Training in Chennai at FITA Academy, which offers the best certification training with placement support for your career enhancement. 

Benefits of VMware

As we already know, VMware has many advantages that can be seen in its various products, which help in security, networking, storage, and many other areas. Here are some of the benefits of VMware.

1. Provides virtual desktop infrastructure

One of the advantages of using this is that we can access the desktop from anywhere. We do not need a full desktop setup in the workplace because we can use VMware Horizon to manage and run the Windows desktop from the VMware cloud or AWS. This method eliminates a lot of things for us, such that we do not need to manage and configure the entire desktop at work; it also reduces the monitoring and manages user security.

2. Provide personal desktop

This is the first product developed by VMware that allows us to run or manage virtual machines directly on a single Linux, Windows, or even laptop. We can run the virtual machine in parallel or simultaneously with the machine. 

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3. Provide storage and availability

VMs provide one more benefit product to us that helps us with storage and availability,  known as vSAN. It provides us with software-based storage but is integrated with another VMs product known as vSphere. It provides disc storage for us from multiple ESXi.  It is also integrated with the vSphere, which allows us to offer more computing and storage.

4. Provide recovery management

VMware benefits also include data recovery, it provides the Site Recovery Manager, which allows us to create a recovery plan, which is then automatically executed in the event of a failure. The Site Recovery Manager system was also integrated with NSX to maintain and preserve the security and network on the migrated VMs.

5. Provide the Cloud infrastructure

Some of the VMware Cloud infrastructure are

  • vMotion
  • vSphere Client
  • ESXi
  • vCenter Server

6. Provide network and security

For security and networking, it provides us with another product or software known as VMware NSX, which allows us to easily virtualize network components, deploy them, develop them, and do the configuration through software, which includes virtual network and switching configuration.


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