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selenium with python online training

Selenium is a powerful tool that provides robust features for quickly creating automated tests for web applications. It offers various testing capabilities to meet the requirements of web application testing. Python, a high-level scripting language, is an excellent choice for automation testing due to its simplicity and readability. In this blog, we have discussed different reasons to use Selenium and Python for automation testing join Selenium with Python Training in Chennai offered by FITA Academy, which provides a hundred per cent placement for the students.

There are several practical reasons for using Selenium with Python:

  1. Speed and Readability: Selenium with Python allows for fast test execution and easy-to-read code.
  2. Python API for Selenium: Python simplifies interacting with browsers through Selenium. It provides straightforward APIs to run functional and practical tests using Selenium WebDriver.
  3. User-Friendly Language: Python is known for its user-friendliness and conciseness compared to other programming languages. With Python, you can easily interact with web browsers using Selenium, regardless of the browser’s origin.
  4. Rich Library: Selenium with Python offers many tools and libraries to enhance your automation testing. This makes Selenium WebDriver a reliable choice when using Python bindings.

Selenium with Python can be implemented in two main ways:

Using Selenium WebDriver: Selenium WebDriver is a tool that automates web browsers, allowing you to write test scripts in Python that interact with web pages and assess their functionality. You can install the Selenium package using pip, create a WebDriver instance, and execute tasks, including filling out forms, clicking buttons, and moving across pages. You can execute your test scripts using Python’s built-in unit testing framework or another testing framework of your choice.

Using Selenium IDE: Selenium IDE is a browser add-on that lets you record and playback web interactions. It also allows you to export recorded test scripts in various programming languages, including Python. To run Selenium test scripts exported from Selenium IDE in Python, install the Selenium package using pip and import the necessary modules into your Python script. You can use any testing framework, including Python’s built-in unit test framework, to execute the exported test script. Selenium IDE is a quicker way to create test scripts, as you can record your interactions with websites instead of writing code manually. Still, it may be less versatile and reliable than using Selenium WebDriver. To learn more about Selenium with Python implementation, join Selenium With Python Online Training.

In conclusion, Selenium combined with Python offers a powerful and efficient solution for automation testing, making it a preferred choice for testing web applications.