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I’ve recently talked about AI with a client or a business partner, and I’ve noticed a mistake in how people think about it. Many people seem to think that this is something that will only have big effects in the tech world. In case you hadn’t noticed, the world these days is all about technology. In 1998, economist Paul Krugman said, “By about 2005, it will be clear that the Internet’s effect on the economy has been no greater than that of the fax machine.” Don’t forget what he said.

“You don’t want to be behind the times when it comes to AI”. 90% of top companies are already investing in AI technologies. More than half of the businesses that have used AI-driven technology say that it has made them more productive. The best way to learn AI is at FITA Academy, where you can take an affordable Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai. You would definitely be an AI engineer once you finish the course.

AI is likely to have a big effect on the following industries:


Already, people are looking into the possible benefits of using AI in the field of medicine. There is a lot of information in the medical field that can be used to make healthcare prediction models. AI has also been shown to be better at making diagnoses in some situations than doctors.


With the rise of self-driving and self-navigating cars, we can already see how AI is changing the world of transportation and cars. AI will also have a big effect on manufacturing, especially in the car industry. Compared to other academies, Artificial Intelligence Online Course only offers the best level of AI classes in Tamilnadu.


Many business leaders are concerned about cybersecurity, especially since the number of security breaches is expected to rise in 2020. During the pandemic, attacks went up by 600% because hackers took advantage of people who worked from home and of less secure technology and Wi-Fi networks. AI and machine learning will be very important in cybersecurity to find and predict threats. AI will also be a very important security tool in the world of finance, since it can analyze a lot of data to predict and catch fraud.


In the future, AI will be a key part of every part of e-commerce, from the user experience to marketing to fulfillment and distribution. We can expect that AI will continue to drive e-commerce in the future, including through the use of chatbots, personalization for shoppers, image-based advertising targeting, and automation of warehouses and inventories.

AI can change job search in a big way:

If you keep going forward in the hopes that a hiring manager will overlook a small mistake on your application, you might be in for a rude awakening. AI is already a big part of the hiring process. In fact, an automated applicant tracking system (ATS) can reject up to 75% of resumes before they even get to a person.  In the past, recruiters had to spend a lot of time looking through resumes to find suitable candidates. According to data from LinkedIn, it can take recruiters up to 23 hours to look through resumes for one good hire. We offer the Artificial Intelligence Course in Coimbatore as well, so if you want to learn it, you should join our academy because it’s budget friendly and you’ll learn a lot.

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