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How to memorize new vocabulary faster

How to Learn Vocabulary More Quickly

No matter how good your grammar is, you won’t get very far with your language skills if you don’t know any words to use: Learning new words open up new worlds and brings learning fun and worthwhile. 

But adding words to your vocabulary is like going on a diet: You have to work at it, and there’s no magic trick, secret, or a one-size-fits-all way to do it. All have to find what works for them, but being patient, setting realistic goals, and rewarding yourself when you reach them is a good strategy that can be paired with any of the following points. 

Spoken English Classes in Chennai guide beginners in how to learn vocabulary in an easy way.

Use Memory Techniques 

Mnemonics are mental shortcuts that help you remember difficult words or ideas. They are the best way to learn vocabulary. 

Set up a place where people can learn

When you study abroad, you will hear and read the language all around you. This will help you learn it much faster. You can make an inspiring and study-friendly environment wherever you are: Buy magazines or books in the new language, go to the movies, and cook or just eat the local food. 

Put the words in the right place 

Putting words into context is a good way to learn more words faster: Try to use the words in sentences instead of making lists of them. 

So, you’ll know how the word is actually used. Plus, it will be easier to remember if you come up with funny sentences. Based on how you learn, you can also draw pictures or find pictures that go with the sentences and show where the words belong. 

Learn from the way things really are 

Speaking of context, movies, study material, podcasts, and songs are all great places to find the most common words. They can also help you remember words because they are always connected to a scene, person, or event in real life. 

So, try to study books or watch movies in their original language (with subtitles) and figure out what the words mean. If you see a sentence you don’t understand, write it down, look it up, and start learning it. 

Find the things that help you. 

People’s study methods are different, so if you don’t know what works for you, try as many different ways, or a mix of them, as you can: You can learn new words by using flashcards, apps, lists, and games, or post-it notes. 

It’s the same with finding the right time: Some people want to set aside a certain time to learn, while others like to learn on the fly. No matter what you do, try to get into a rhythm. Practice makes perfect, after all. 

Learning new words helps to get more choices of words while you are communicating with others. So taking up Spoken English Class in Coimbatore at FITA Academy will help you learn learning new words, pronunciation practices etc.

Make it fun to do. 

You have to find the right tools that work for you, and it’s also important to make the learning experience as full as possible: Don’t just read the words off of cards or lists. Listen to how they are said, say them out loud yourself, and write or type them. The more you use all of your senses when you read or hear words, the better. 

Focus on words that help 

If you want to work at a marketing firm in another country, you probably don’t need to read Shakespeare or study words from the Middle Ages to improve your vocabulary. The easier words are to learn and use, the more you will be able to use them in your work, hobbies, and everyday conversations. 

Repeat, and then do it again. 

Remember to repeat not only new words but also “old stuff,” you think you already know. You don’t have to look at the stored words as often as the new words, but the more you use them, the better you’ll remember and recall them. 

Here we listed the best way to learn vocabulary, we hope that this content is helpful for language learners. If you need additional coaching, get into FITA Academy for the exclusive Online Speaking English Course. and get Coaching from virtual experts. FITA Academy is rated as the best english coaching centre in chennai.

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