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What’s New in Angular 14: Latest Features

What’s New in Angular 14: The Most Recent Additions

Let’s look at what’s new in Angular 14 and discuss the most important updates and new features.

Parts that work on their own

The Angular 14 modules are optional, but the goal is to move away from the current setup by building pipes, directives, and components. Angular has put out an RFC so that Ng modules can be optional on stand-alone components (Request for Comments). The Angular 14 update won’t make these modules useless but will become temporary, so they still work with the existing Angular libraries and apps.

Before Angular 14, it’s important to remember that each component had to be linked to a module. The application will fail if the declarations array of a parent module is not linked to every component. To get in-depth knowledge of the latest version of angular, upgrade yourself with AngularJS Training in Chennai. This course offers extensive knowledge in angular development.

Strictly Typed Forms: 

The major Github problem with executing strict typing for the Angular reactive forms package has been fixed in the new version of Angular. The strictly typed forms will improve Angular’s ability to work with the existing forms in a modern way.

One of the most promising parts of what’s new in Angular 14 is that they’ve made it easy to switch from older versions to v14. The Angular team has added auto migration to keep the existing apps running while the upgrade is happening. Also, you can now work with a FormControl that accepts generic types of input and calls a certain value.

The complexity of the API is often checked to make sure that changes are handled smoothly and precisely. Also, the template-based forms will not be affected by the latest Angular 14 update.

Angular CLI Auto-Completion: 

The best thing about the Angular CLI auto-completion is that it makes you more productive by giving you the commands you need to create modules, directives, and components for your new or existing project. But Angular 14 has a lot of commands that you can use. You don’t have to worry about searching the internet for commands.

Here’s how it can be done using Angular 14. The Angular 14 has the latest CLI features, which let the terminal auto-complete in real-time. On the surface, it seems like you must run the ng completion command. The next step is to type the ng command and press Tab to see all the options.

Press to choose one of the choices. Also, if you are using the latest version of Angular 14, you can find more auto-completion options in the list of options for the ng create command.

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Improved Template Diagnostics: 

The new Angular 14 update has improved template diagnostics to protect developers from generic errors by reconciling compiler code to typescript code.

In Angular 13 and earlier versions, the compiler does not show any warnings, and it stops running if there is a problem that stops it from doing so.

Some of the most likely warning signs can come from basic mistakes like using operators when the variable can’t be null or using two-way binding syntax.

Also, the diagnostic tests are limited by adding a new private compiler that shows warning signs or other diagnostic information for using templates.

Streamlined Page Title Accessibility: 

During application development, your page title usually gives a clear idea of what your page is about.

Before Angular 13, adding titles was done in a way that was consistent with the new Route.title property in the Angular router. But Angular 14 doesn’t give you the extra imports you need to add a title to your page.

What is different in Angular 14?

Well, the Angular Component Dev Kit (CDK) has all the tools you need to build Angular components. In Angular 14, the CDK menu and Dialog have been updated to an Angular version that works well. Still, the new CDK primitives make it possible to build custom components that are easier to use.

Now, Angular DevTools can be found online.

The Angular DevTools debugging extension is easy to use in offline mode. Firefox users can find this add-on in the Add-ons section of Mozilla.

Not Required Injectors

If you are making an embedded view in Angular14, you can use TemplateRef.createEmbeddedView and ViewContainerRef.createEmbeddedView to add an optional injector.

Built-in Enhancements

One interesting thing about the Angular14 update is that it lets the CLI deploy small code without lowering its value. Thanks to the built-in improvements, you can connect to protected component members right from your templates. Using the public API surface gives you more control over the reusable parts.

Extended Developer Diagnostics:

The extended developer diagnostics is an Angular14 feature that gives you a framework that you can add to. This framework helps you understand your template better and gives you suggestions for possible improvements.

So far, we have discussed the features of the angular 14 version. To know more about angular development and features of the latest angular version, get into FITA Academy for the advanced AngularJS Training in Coimbatore with approved certification. After certification, they will give career guidance and offer AngularJS interview questions and answers that help students crack the interview easily.

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