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What Is Selenium? Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium is a free software programme for automating web browser tests (web applications are tested using any web browser). Selenium is the only tool that allows you to test web apps before committing. Selenium cannot be used to test any mobile or desktop (software) application. If you want to know What Is Selenium? Selenium Automation Testing FITA Academy offers the best Selenium Course in Chennai with Selenium Certified Professionals.

What benefits does selenium offer?

Since Selenium is open source, it has a significant benefit over other testing tools in that there are no licence fees involved. Additional factors contributing to Selenium’s rising fame include:

  • The following programming languages, including Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl, and .Net, can be used to create test scripts.
  • The following OSes can be used for Testing: Linux, Mac, or Windows.
  • Any browser, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera, can be used to run the tests.
  • To manage test cases and produce reports, it can be connected with tools like TestNG and JUnit.
  • For Continuous Testing, it may be coupled with Maven, Jenkins, and Docker.

Testing Software Is Required

It all comes down to software testing. The software that drives them controls their behaviour, and machines completely rule the technological world of today. Do machines perform as we expect them to? each and every time? Everywhere?

The software application’s success rate regulates your company’s growth. The same is true for web apps, as the majority of organisations nowadays are totally reliant on the internet. FITA Academy is the best institution with the experts to teach Selenium Training Online and offers Placement Assistance.

Manual Testing Challenges

Manual testing indicates that the programme is manually tested by QA testers (web). Manual tests should be run in each environment, and a new data set should be used to track each transaction’s success/failure ratio.

Automation Testing Beats Manual Testing

Every time, automated testing performs better than manual testing. Why? It is quick, needs less human resource commitment, is error-free, allows for frequent testing, and supports light-out, regression, and functional testing.

Take the prior example, for instance. It would be simple to develop code that checks whether all transaction/login attempts are successful or not if, for example, we have a login page and we need to see if all login attempts are successful (automated test case execution).

Selenium WebDriver

The first cross-platform testing framework that can manage the browser at the OS level is Selenium WebDriver. Selenium WebDriver offers a programming interface for creating and running test cases, in contrast to an IDE. Web elements on web sites are detected, and then actions are taken on those elements according to test cases that have been specified.

WebDriver is perfect for RC as it’s extremely fast. It is faster because it uses direct browser calls. To communicate with the web browser, RC requires an RC server. Join Selenium Course in Coimbatore and learn Selenium professionally under the guidance of industry experts.